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Buy when Centennial R.E. is on Sale

Are you a bargain hunter?

We buy new clothes when they are on sale.
We buy new TV’s when they are on sale.
We buy new cars when they are on sale.
We normally buy everything we want and need when that item is on sale.

Why? We all want a good deal.

So, if you follow this pattern and want to buy Centennial real estate when it’s on sale, now is the perfect time.

If you think this is the right time for you to buy, and/or invest in rental properties, search here. Or call or text me, Vickie Hall, at 303-944-1153.

Credit goes to Lonnie Glessner at America’s Mortgage, LLC for his research and statistics in this article.
303-993-2367 Lonnie@EndingFinancialInsanity.com

About Vickie Hall

Vickie Hall is an experienced Realtor and real estate investor based in Centennial Colorado. She's firmly committed to community service, and is the creator and administrator of 365 Things to Do around the Centennial & Denver area. and @CentennialBuzz. For more real estate information, read articles on her blog. Vickie is a RE/MAX agent and can be reached at Vickie@DreamsCanHappen.com

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